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Easy to Use WordPress Plugin Allows You to Instantly Create Legal Compliant Pages, Custom Notice Popups, Age Consent Indicators, EU Cookie Bar Notices, Affiliate Disclosure Notices, Data Request/Delete Forms & SO Much More In Any WordPress Website in Less Than 5 Minutes Flat…
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  • Protect Your Hard Work From Business 'KILLING' Legal Loopholes
  • Done for you (Professional) Niche Templates INCLUDED
  • 'Point-n-Click' Ease of Use
  • Age Consent Popup/Bar Options
  • GDPR/EU Compliance Cookie Bar
  • Fully Customizable Template Creator
  • Affiliate Disclosure Notices
  • Personal Data Erasure/Export Submission Forms + Auto Email Alert

So, What Exactly Is Wp-Legal Eagle?

The Most Easy To Use Legal Page Generator On The Planet... PERIOD!


This common sense tool offers an instant solution for the most pressing need facing
ALL marketers  doing business online… Being LEGALLY COMPLIANT!

Do you know…. Every day millions of website owners world-wide  risk everything and go about their business blissfully unaware they could face stiff penalties and bans that could hit at any moment ?!?

And… Unfortunately IGNORANCE is no excuse for the LAW!

Just because you say you DIDN’T KNOW, it really doesnt matter a bit, when it comes to your website’s legal compliance breaches and violations.

As a matter of fact; your very OWN websites, at this very moment may very well be blatently violating several laws right now without anyone even knowing a thing about it… UNTIL IT IS TOO LATE!

t really doesn’t matter how big you are are what you do online.  We all need to protect ourselves from potential issues that can erase all of our hard work in  a flash.

If you are asking people to subscribe, selling products or services, providing valuable information, or setting up Google Adwords sites, creating proficient legal pages is a must.

The truth is, it can be overwhelming and a major pain keeping on top of everything you need to comply with.

* If you sell products or services to EU customers, you need cookie disclaimers.

* If you have a site with adult content, you have to ensure minors can’t access the content

* You have to notify vistors they aren’t free to take your content and re-use it word-for-word on their own sites

* It’s not enough to notify visitors “You won’t sell their information”–you have to spell out what you’ll do with it.

   ” And this is just the beginning of the massive list of things to consider.”

But now there’s help at hand if you want complete website compliance…

If you want a solution that is easy to use you got to check out the ‘point-n-click’  WP Plugin *WP-LegalEagle*

Every single one of WP-LegalEagle’s pages, compliance bars, access popups and templatess are completely editable  by you or your legal team to reflect the individual nature of your own unique business model and needs.

You’ve never seen a more full-featured WP compliance plugin this flexible and feature rich before… anywhere!

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Jam Packed With Protection All Business Owners Need!

Refund Policy

You gain trust among your audience by placing a refund policy on your webiste. This makes sure that they invested money is safe in case of bad purchase

Custom Disclaimers

Disclaimer is one of most important policy which serves as a notice to your audience and limit the liability of continues use of your website by users

DMCA Alerts

It stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act and make sure the right of ownership in case of theft of copyrighted material under use

Custom GDPR Data Reqest Forms

Including : Personal Data Erasure/Export + Automated Email Alert Informing You of Incoming Requests & Confirmations built it.

Affiliate Disclosures

You gain trust among your audience by placing a refund policy on your webiste. This makes sure that they invested money is safe in case of bad purchase

Privacy Policy

Privacy policy is one of the important part of your website defining your relation with your audience and how you are using their information

Terms of Use

TOS policy is also knows as terms of condition. These are the rules you set for your audience to adhere to continue using your services uninterrupted

Optional Access/Denial Popups

Create custom popups containing any of our included pages, templates, age consent info and/or Adult Content Restrictions and more with just a few clicks.

Here are a few of the key elements of this advanced WP Plugin...

Simple To Use

Super Simple and Easy to Use WP Plugin... This extremely powerful WP plugin can be installed and proper legal pages can be created and added to your website in only a few minutes!

Easy To Edit Pages

Easy To Edit Pages The pages that you create with our templates are full functioning WordPress pages, so they show up in your pages listings and are just as easy to edit and make changes to. So you have full WYSIWYG editors and tiny MCE options just like with any other page!

25+ Templates

There are over 20+ (and growing) built in Lawyer approved legal page templates to choose from. These templates were created by a internet attorney which overall tend to be more versed in the internet laws etc.

Forced Page/Post POPUP Options

Forced Page/Post Options Force your website visitors to agree to your Terms, Privacy policy, etc using our lock down features. This can be used on both your WordPress pages and posts!This is a very flexible option as you can put any txt in this forced option

Age Consent/Verification Options

By locking in now, you get all future updates with no additional costs ever.

Shortcodes, Shortcodes, Shortcodes!

This plugin conveniently incorporates short codes for the easiest user experience possible. All your business information you fill out are saved into super simple to insert shortcodes for a seemless exerience... You can point-n-click to add these short codes anywhere on your website in seconds!

Create Custom Templates in Seconds

Now you can also create your own legal pages or mash up any of the existing templates to make what you want as everything works off short codes.

Helpful Tutorial Guides

This plugin is extremely easy to use, but if you need extra help we have over 7 videos in the secure members area to help you out. If we see we are missing areas in our how to library we immediately add more training in those areas. We also have a "feature suggestions" page for the community to give us new features to add and feedback!

Unlimited License

With your purchase today you will also secure yourself a developer license ! This means you can install this plugin on unlimited websites you have.

Free Updates Forever

By locking in now, you get all future updates with no additional costs ever.


So, Why You Must Have This Tool?

Here are but a few important reasons...

Close the Business KILLING Loophole For Good.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. 

Relax Knowing Your Site Is Protected

Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.

'Point-N-Click' Set Up Anyone Can Do

As easy as it gets…  Simply choose your desired template or page, click it with your mouse and WP-Legal Pages goes to work inserting the required info FOR YOU!

Easily Editable Templates

Simply choose the type of website you have…

IE: – Business, Ecommerce, Niche, Amazon, Adsense etc.

Within each of those choices you get to pick from a wide range of templates that will have you up and going strong in minutes, instead of days, weeks or more!


  •      Insert any shortcode, for any template in seconds
  •      Responsive POPUP Creator For Enhanced Protection
  •      Custom Cookie Compliance Bar/ EDU Approved
  •      Updated to WordPress Version 5.1 Full Gutenberg Block
  •      Add Affiliate Notices & Associations
  •      Brand Your Cookie Bar With Editable Color Combinations

Exactly WHY Is It Important To Follow The Rules?

Take a moment to consider this...

There are Stiff Penalties for Not Complying with Internet Laws:

Across the world, the rules are different, and their demands differ as well. Being a website owner, your responsibility just doesn’t end by understanding the types of legal pages available out there. However, you must also be wary of the penalties that you may have to face in case you fail to put up to the laws of the internet.

So, here are some of the individual fines or levies that you may have to bear if you don’t adhere to the appropriate  laws:


  • The EU Data Protection comes with the fine of up to £500,000 for serious breaches

  • With the introduction of the latest EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) the penalties for non-adherence with the law can be up to 4% of the global turnover

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Frequently asked questions

26+ Policy Templates for WordPress websites

WPLegalEagle comes with 25+ policy page templates.

These include:

  1. Terms of Use
  2. Terms and Conditions
  3. Privacy Policy
  4. Linking Policy
  5. Blog Comments Policy Template
  6. Affiliate Agreement
  7. Affiliate Disclosure
  8. Amazon Affiliate Disclosure Template
  9. External Links Policy
  10. DoubleClick DART Cookies Policy
  11. Refund Policy for ecommerce stores
  12. Digital Goods Refund Policy
  13. Returns and Refund policy
  14. Antispam policy
  15. Facebook Privacy Policy
  16. Earnings Disclaimer
  17. Medical Disclaimer Template
  18. Disclaimer Template
  19. FTC Disclaimer Widget
  20. Testimonials Disclosure – As per FTC guidelines
  21. California Privacy Rights Policy Template
  22. DMCA Policy Template
  23. COPPA – Children’s Online Privacy Policy Template
  24. Newsletter Subscription Policy and Disclaimer Template
  25. GDPR REQUEST FORM – Including : Personal Data Erasure/Export +Email Alert
  26. FTC Disclosure Statement Template


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