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These days, if you are not completely SEO optimized with proper keyword choices you are basically dead in the water..  The chances of getting organic traffic shrink till you can no longer see them…. and that is the same way Google, Bing and all the other major Search Engines will see your site… Basically INVISIBLE!

The good news is though, effective SEO in 2019 does NOT have to be expensive, frustrating OR time-consuming at all.

There are so many great keywords in the 200-500 volume range that can deliver awesome results, FAST!  You see the majority of the websites never go after them is search engines such as Google.

You may  have heard that a keyword target should have at least a 1,000 volume minimum searched to be worth while… BUT THAT IS COMPLETELY FALSE..  And honestly it could instead be doing the exact opposite! Actually  doing major harm to one’s SEO success.

Truth is;  the absolute simplest way you can drive consistent results is by focusing on targeted keywords in your niche with low competition and optimizing for them in your content.

For Example:   If you post 3 – 10 pieces of relevent content per month targeting even only (200 volume) keywords, you can be in for huge boosts of ORGANIC traffic for FREE!  You see,  even if you manage to rank for even a tiny fraction of those, say 10%, then you’re looking at most likely well over  3,000 organic visits a month!

Would  an extra 3k visitors coming to a single post or page on your site help your business?

 Of Course it Would! –  Now, imagine if you had that secret weapon conveniently located on your website that could, with the click of your mouse, complete
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  • Super Simple But Effective Business Boosting WP Plugin.
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This Powerful Keyword + SEO Optimization Plugin will save you a ton of TIME & MONEY Doing Essential Work That MUST BE DONE!

This Wordpess plugin is extremely easy to use. Installs on WordPress in 60 seconds!

It is built directly into your wordpress post/page UI for ultimate convenience.

As soon as you type in a keyword results will instantly appear, there is NO WAITING for results. This plugin is LIGHTNING FAST!

It seamlesslyspits out instantly the top most CURRENTLY trending (suggested) longtail keywords people are searching for at the top  search engine in the world.

Time to work SMARTER... Not HARDER!

Traditionally, content creators and bloggers would head over to their favorite keyword research tool like Google adwords keyword planner. Do a search for a keyword like “marketing plan” and get a list of 700+ keywords. Then they would just select the top keywords with the most search volume and create content based off of those. This is the difficult path to traffic and rankings.

In 2019, you’ll have a much higher chance by focusing on creating content for trending keywords. Search engines such as Google LOVES content, especially new and updated trending content. Create content that people are actively searching for and google will send you the love in terms of traffic and rankings!

Simply put..  Fill your site with content that people are actually actively searching for and you can see traffic and rankings increasing faster.

This is a solid SEO trending content strategy that you should definitely consider.

Keyword Research Has Never Been Easier


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Getting your keywords right is only part of the equation… they also should be strategically placed in your posts/pages SEO tags, titles, and descriptions.

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